Friday, June 24, 2011

My Writing Challenge 1 Response

Challenge 1:
Write a short fictional story based on the quote:
Greatness is more than potential.  It is the execution of that potential.  Beyond the raw talent.  You need the appropriate training.  You need the discipline.  You need the inspiration.  You need the drive. 
- Eric A. Burns

                I was only two weeks old when I was first put into the pool.  No inner tube, no baby suit, just me, my dad, my sister, and my waterlogged diaper.  Water got into my blood that day and it has never left.
                Each morning I stand at the edge of the pool and stare into the water.  The water is murky and green, almost like a lake.  It smells like chlorine and that smell awakens something in my soul and my body.  It’s cold and that creeps into my bones, chills me to the core, hardens me like ice.  It has taken me my entire life to build up the discipline to swim over half a mile every day.
                Everyone has the physical potential to swim, to reach their arms out and push the water back, to kick their legs and propel themselves forward.  But this sport requires, no it demands, discipline.  Self-discipline.  No one can teach you self-discipline but yourself, so in a way you must be born with it.  It requires drive and self-motivation to get up at 7 every morning and get in the water.  It requires a tremendous amount of self-discipline and focus. 
                It also teaches.  Swimming teaches you to have full command and control of your own body.  It teaches self-confidence, it teaches perseverance and determination.  It teaches you to trust your body.  To trust that your thigh muscles will expand while your calves contract to push hard off the side, that your arms, no matter how much they ache, will continue to pull you forward.  You to trust that your feet will flex and your toes will point and your legs will kick.  Trust in your body and soul is essential. 
                Swimming is not just what you do at the pool or the beach for fun, it is the way that I push myself.  I know where my limits are and I push myself to them, and then past them, every day. 
                Every morning and every evening I stand at the edge of the pool for a moment before I jump in.   I stretch in the water to loosen my muscles.  I swim fifty laps every day, twenty-five in the morning and twenty-five in the evening.  I push myself.  Because greatness is more than potential.  

Okay, so I broke the rules.  The challenge said fiction and I wrote an essay.  Well.  It's not that great anyway, but it gets across what I wanted it to.

Stay Tuned.

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