Friday, June 3, 2011


Some of you reading this might have followed me from Carpe Omnes my regular blog, from twitter or tumblr or perhaps even found the link on my etsy store page. If you have, hello again; if you haven’t, hello for the first time.

My name is Jeanni and I consider myself a storyteller and a writer. I’ve been telling stories as long as I can remember, longer according to my family. In elementary school I made up stories and adventures for my friends and I to take on the playground, in high school I wrote ten minute romances about people on the subway. I started my first novel in the sixth grade. Needless to say, it was terrible and never got past 30 pages. But though I’d never show it to anyone, I’m proud of the effort I put into it. I’ve yet to publish a story but I won an essay contest and the essay was published name-withheld in 2008, a few poems have also been published via the Brooklyn Public Library. 

Though I haven’t finished a novel yet, nor published a short story, I am an optimist. I’m only 19 and writing isn’t like modeling or gymnastics, you’re never too old to write. I write not because of a pretention to create literature, I believe literature has to be time tested, but because I have stories to tell and I pour my heart and soul into every piece I write. I write because it is my passion.

I created this blog because I wanted to put myself out there as a writer of fiction, and I wanted to post short pieces that I’ve written, share some writing challenges, get and give advice, and compile a list of resources. I want to share my journey as a writer with others on the same journey.
You too?

Stay Tuned.

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