Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Where Do You Write?

                Right now, The Book Without A Name About Faeries And Boyfriends is being written in my grandma’s living room, in the dining room, on the pool deck, in my bedroom, in my parents’ bedroom, and in the Festus Library.  Residents of Festus, if any of you read this, you might just find me sitting in the front café section writing away.  And bonus points, I just might have homemade cookies, brownies, or bread with me. 
                Writing in my room is difficult.  Writing at home at all is difficult but especially writing in my room.  It’s so easy to get distracted by all my stuff that I hardly get any writing done.  Writing in the living room can be quite difficult too because my grandma watches loud tv, talks on the phone even louder, and my dad listens to radio shows on his computer.  Headphones help, but it’s impossible to block it all out.  Ditto the dining room.  So I often find myself in my parents’ room when they’re both at work because I can shut the door, turn off the tv, and focus on the computer screen.  When that doesn’t work I shut the computer, take a pad and pen, and write without the internet or games as a distraction.  The other option, when it’s cool enough, is to go outside to the pool deck and write by the water.  Usually preceded by swimming. 
                The library is pretty ideal, because it’s hard to be distracted when there’s nothing of mine there.  There’s general quiet, there’s distance, there are tables to sit at, and there are other people focused on their writing or other work.  It’s a more disciplined environment.  Stripped of distractions.  Plus, when I need to do research, I can hop over to the folklore section.
                I find most writers like writing out of the home.  Rachel Hawkins wrote Hex Hall in the children’s section of her library and at a café.  Libba Bray writes at the Tea Room in Park Slope (pretty close to where my book is set, about a dozen blocks from both my middle school in one direction and my old house in another).  I don’t know how many nice people I’ve met at the university library or libraries in Brooklyn when I lived there who were working on their books. 
                Libraries are ideal places to write, to me, because you don’t have to buy something to sit there, unlike a café, you don’t have as many distractions, unlike your house, and you are far from most of the people that would distract you.  Unless your best buddy’s the librarian. 
                When I go back to school in August I’ll be writing a lot of The Book Without A Name About Faeries And Boyfriends at the Tenley-Friendship library, at the AU Library, and all over campus.  My fellow university writers can probably find a million places on campus where you could sit and write.  In most of our academic buildings there are lounges or study spaces that are perfect for writing.  The first floor of the student union is good for writing too.  Other universities probably have equally as many good writing spots. 
                Where do you write?  Are you a home writer?  A library writer?  Do you write in a café?  What are your best tips for finding the ideal writing spot?  

Stay Tuned.

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