Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Writing Kit

                My writing kit so to speak goes with me everywhere I write.  I know what you’re thinking, you don’t need a writing kit, you just need yourself and a writing utensil.  But I find other things helpful to have so bear with me.  My writing kit contains:
·         Sticky Notes
·         Writer’s Notebook
·         Colorful File Folder
·         Planner
·         Notepad
·         Many, many pens
·         Highlighters
·         Laptop (of course)
·         Zip Drive
·         iPod
                These things are not all essential to writing of course.  Sometimes I write in the margins of a notebook because I have an idea before or after class.  Sometimes I write with just my laptop and my zip drive to save it all to.  Sometimes I write by the pool with my notepad and million pens.  But fantasy writing can be complicated.  We have to keep things straight in our world building, so I find that keeping my folder and my notebook with me helps me to ensure my details are in line with my continuity. 
                I also keep my outline in my folder, which really keeps me on track.  I refer back to my outline all the time, not only to ensure that I’m following it, but also to remind myself that even if this part is boring to write I have to get through it to get to the rest. 
                My writer’s notebook keeps track of ideas that come into my head that may have absolutely nothing to do with the story I’m working on right now or that may come later.  Keeping everything in that notebook keeps me organized.  It allows me to jot down other thoughts that might otherwise distract me. 
                You may be wondering what my planner has to do with anything.  I block out time to write and schedule the rest of my day around writing.  It also keeps me on track with my Written In Fairydust posts and often enough the idea for one of these is what’s distracting me from, you know, WRITING THE DAMN BOOK!
                Every writer’s writing kit will be different.  It may involve ear plugs or sunglasses or perhaps even a tape recorder, but most of us have them.  Deciding on what’s in your kit is an important step to getting to where you want to be, but if you put too much focus on the kit and not enough on the writing, then you need to refocus.  It’s not the kit that’s most important, it’s the writing.  

Stay Tuned.

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