Friday, August 5, 2011

Inspiration Through Photos

Inspiration comes from all different places.  Music, movies, other books, photos,  the world around us.  I get my ideas from everywhere, as I'm sure you do.  One of the best places I find are photos.  I look at these pictures and see, say, a girl in a scarf in a snow storm and wonder what her story is.  Sometimes when I have trouble working on The Book Without A Name About Faeries And Boyfriends I go through the Pinterest pinboard I have about the story.  I have place photos that I'm using as models for settings in the book, I have people I'm using as models, I have things that inspire me toward the story, really anything.
A few of the WIP inspiration photos:

And from my general story inspiration file:

A lot of old fashioned photography inspires me.  So do landscapes.  And just about anything featuring a woman with bones.  Or a dolphin.  
You can find my story inspiration pin board here.

Stay Tuned.

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