Monday, September 12, 2011


                Rachel Hawkins wrote a post (here) about what marrying well means for writers.  She didn’t mean marry rich, that’s an entirely different ballpark.  She meant marry well.  Marry deliberately someone who supports you.  And it got me thinking about what support means to different people.  For some people it means someone who will financially support you while you live your dream. For some people it means someone who will read every single sentence you write.  For others it means someone who will hug you through the rejections and rejoice with you when the requests come in.
                For me, the most supportive people in the world are my mom and my long-time beau Jon.   It’s been two and a half years since I fell in love with him, and he knows everything about me.  He’s read most of the things I’ve written in that time period and he’s always the first person I tell about a new project.  He believes in me, he believes that this book will get published.  He believes that I will write more and more and keep on writing because guess what he understands about me?  No matter what else happens in life to change me, I am a writer, and I always will be.  Jon has faith in me like I never experienced until I handed him a story I’d written and he liked it. 
                When I asked him what it’s like to be with me as a writer his first response was ‘interesting’.  When probed he answered: “You get to watch the creative process unfold.  It’s really hard to explain.  It’s watching an artist at work.”  So there you go.  Nothing about the crazies.
                My mom on the other hand is a different sort of support.  There’s lots more yelling.  The past five years it’s been just my mom and me, now not so much, but those years gave me a strong bond with my mom.  We relied on each other a lot in a way a two-parent family or one with more than one child can’t understand.  We stretched our mother-daughter relationship to its limits, until we both thought it would break, and it never did.  My mom was the first person I let read my current WIP.  She’s my biggest cheerleader.  My mom does financially support me while I’m at school, so there’s that kind of support.  I also talk to my mom all the time, even when we’re a thousand miles apart.  Because my mom may not be my best friend, but she supports me no matter what I want to do.  She believes in me. 
                The kind of faith and belief in me that these two have is unbelievable.  It’s humbling, that’s for sure.  It’s intense and strong and it props me up when I think I can’t keep writing.  Find that person or these people who support you no matter what, and when you do, never let them go.

Stay Tuned.

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