Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Chapter 6 Has Eaten My Soul

Well friends, I am officially soul-less.  This chapter is eating it.  On the bright side that does mean I'm getting some writing done.  On the less than bright side, not enough.  I have homework and studying and a social life.  And once in a while I even sleep more than 5 hours.  Like today.  I have a finance midterm today so I slept in late and am relaxing my brain since I studied last night.  My brain's really been churning over The Book Without A Name About Faeries And Boyfriends.  It's constantly on my mind which means I'm constantly bringing my WIP notebook and folder with me everywhere.  And a lot of pens.  And pencils.  And highlighters.  I even started writing a praise song like the people of the Faerie Realm would write for my girl Dip.  It's not exactly all sorts of good, but it is definitely all sorts of fun.

So friends, are any of you stuck in a chapter?  Do you ever get stuck?  How do you get yourselves unstuck?

Stay Tuned.

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