Sunday, November 6, 2011

120 pages, 60 sheets, $6 WORTH IT

I printed my first draft today.  (After my first revisions on chapter 1 also known as the chapter in which I got to know my characters).  It was 120 pages, that's 60 sheets and at 10 cents a sheet at the library (ultimate college writer moment) that cost me $6.  But it was worth it because that meant I could hold it in my hands, do my revisions and editing with a red pen (I love red pens).  At first I was skeptical because of the cost.  But when those 60 sheets of paper came out of the printer and I got to hold them, I felt my happiness expand tenfold.  I was happy and excited enough before, but when I held those papers in my hands, felt the heft, saw the type on a real document, I almost cried.  This must be what it's like for a new mother and a newborn child.  I saw the beloved words, the six months I have put into this work, all there.  Real.  My baby book.

And on the last page, this:

Stay Tuned.

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