Sunday, May 20, 2012

Camp Nano 2012

So I know I haven't been on here in about six months, but I haven't been doing much writing until this month except for school.  It was a tough semester, but I came out of it pretty well.  Good grades, joining Phi Sigma Pi (which means a million new friends), and writing two twelve page stories for my creative writing class.

I'm taking the challenge of Camp Nano 2012 (for June anyway), and writing a book set out here in Missouri.  It's set in Herculaneum (probably, I might change it to be closer, more in my backyard), and about a psychic, Delia Darko, from South Boston.  She moves out here and, basically, shit hits the fan.

If anyone else is doing it, find me.  I'm JeanniGrace and writing in fantasy.  You can also check out my pinboard about Delia's story and the inspirations here.  In the next eleven days I'll be writing Camp Nano prep posts, talking about what I'm doing to get prepped for my third Nano.  If anyone wants to contribute, comment or email me at

Stay Tuned.

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