Monday, May 21, 2012

Camp Nano Prep: Inspiration

Finding the inspiration for a book is hard.  My first Nano I just dove in and started writing, and the whole thing changed a couple times.  The second one I totally cheated and brought something I had been working on since May that year.  I wrote over 18,000 words in four days and finished it.  Then I stopped doing anything for a few days because I broke my brain.  Camp Nano will be my third Nano challenge.  I've written most of an outline for a story I first got the idea for five years ago.  I changed a lot about the story itself, but my main character stayed mostly the same.  She and her relationship with her stepsister Sam were what really spoke to me and what had made me want to write this book.

To help myself work on the outline and shape the novel in my head, I saved a bunch of pictures to my computer and my Pinterest board.  I searched Tumblr, WeHeartIt, and Pinterest for photos that had to do with my book's plot and subjects.  I found a photo of Emma Watson from the set of her new movie, The Bling Ring, that looked perfect for Delia.  I found wolves, psychics, a tree house that is very important to the story, and a vampire.  I pinned the photos, saved them to my computer, and whenever I'm stuck I go look at them.  I also search other pinners' boards about their novels and writing inspiration for photos that speak to me. It helps when I'm not in the right mental place for the writing to have these things to help me.

Check back tomorrow when I write about the inspirational background I made for my computer to keep myself motivated.

Stay Tuned.

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