Thursday, May 31, 2012

Camp Nano

It's almost here guys!  All has been quiet on my front because I've been in and out of the revision and planning caves.  Revising Serendipity and planning for Sister Psychic.  It's been an exciting few days and we're looking at an even more exciting month.  I've developed a schedule I'm trying to stick to which incorporates my personal goal of 2k/day, swimming 20 laps in our pool, and revising at least 3k/day on Serendipity.  It's over 75k, but I've already finished the first two chapters.  Of course, chapter 1 always needs more editing, it's the first thing that hooks in your readers.  And it needs at least one beta reader, but that'll all happen after June.  I'm aiming to get at least half the book edited through June, then dive into the edits again after a week of in the beginning of July.

Tomorrow is June 1.  Tomorrow begins Camp Nano.  Tomorrow I start writing Sister Psychic.  I've outlined the whole book, but it's not very in depth.  I keep having ideas for deepening the outline, which will hopefully all wind up in the book.  If not, then they don't.  I'm still not crazy about the way the book ends, so maybe that'll change.  But that'll happen as it happens.

Are you excited yet?  Get excited.

Stay Tuned.

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