Friday, June 1, 2012

Camp Nano Day 1

So far today I've written 2,226 words.  I don't intend to write more, though I might later if the mood strikes.  I also had an idea about the ending and am now changing that.  So that outline work will probably take up most of my afternoon.  Then I want to try to edit some more of Serendipity in the evening.  I plan on living June in three worlds: Sister Psychic, Serendipity, and you know, the real world.  But the real world is no fun.

Day Total: 2,667
Novel Total: 2,667
Break downs so far: 0
Break downs expected: 2+
Major plot changes in the last 36 hours: 1

Relatedly, have you all heard about June Sploon?  It's a Camp Nano style challenge by Rachel Hawkins (author of the Hex Hall trilogy) but instead of 50k in 30 days, the goal is a pace of 2k/day M-F all of June, resulting in 42k.  That's a lot of words.  Does Camp Nano sound too intimidating?  Try June Sploon, fewer words, weekends off.  Caveat: More words per day required to finish at 42k.

I'm combining June Sploon with Camp Nano for a Camp Nano 2k/day frenzy.  Fun times friends, fun times.  I'm anticipating at least two breakdowns this month, as my recap shows.

Originally I had considered writing in Storybook for this book.  That's not happening.  The platform just doesn't feel right for me.  It works amazingly well for holding my meta documents and sorting my scenes once written, but not so well for actual writing.  I'm going to be bouncing between OmmWriter (very similar to CreaWriter, but just different enough that I do prefer it.  It's freeware, which is the best kind, and it has an awesome distraction free background PLUS a wordcount at the bottom that disappears while you're writing) and Write or Die the web app version.  The desktop version is only $10 but I don't know yet if I like it enough to buy it, plus $10 is a lot for an unemployed college student.  If anyone has tried the desktop version and thinks it's GLORIOUS please let me know.  I'm considering it as a use of some birthday money.    OmmWriter is where I wrote large chunks of Serendipity, as well as CreaWriter.  They're both great softwares but I like OmmWriter just a little more.  Will that keep me from using both?  Not at all.

How are your Camp Nano journeys going?  How are your wordcounts?  Do you have a wordcount dragon breathing down your neck?  I do, her name's Kera and she's a lovely shade of purple.  If I don't feed her words she starts chomping away on my keyboard.  In real life though I have only me and the peer pressure of knowing how many other people there are doing Camp Nano and doing it well.  Peer pressure, sometimes, is a good thing.

Stay Tuned.

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