Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Camp Nano: Days 4 & 5

I'm kind of liking this every two days check in.  It frees up some more time during the writing craziness.  So yesterday I put off my writing.  You know how writers who are also parents have to wait until their kids are in bed before they start writing?  Well I have to either write before mine get up/get home, or after they're at work/asleep.  As you can probably tell I'm not talking about children.  I live with my parents and grandmother and they're as much of a handful as three small children.  When they're awake it's "JEANNI! Water the flowers!" and "JEANNI! Make your grandma some lunch!" and "JEANNI! Hand me that remote that's two inches from my hand but oh I worked so hard last night and can't move, even though I came home five hours ago and slept!"  (Confession: That's mostly my dad.  But my mom can get in the way of writing and my grandma's 84, I have to watch her carefully to make sure she doesn't fall.)  I tried waiting until after my parents were both at work and my grandma was asleep, but by then I just wanted to sleep, so I only got out a little over 1200 words.  Not pleasant friends.  But this morning I went back to my early morning sploonage and it worked wonderfully.  Over 2200 words.

Day 4
Day Total: 1,237
Novel Total: 6,147

Day 5 (so far)
Day Total: 2,257
Novel Total: 8,404

Now I have to be honest, I did some pre-nano writing on this book.  Exactly 2,746 words worth.  So while my nano total is 8,404, my actual novel total is 11,150.  I'm going to continue only counting my nano total these posts since these are to keep track of my progress during nano, but my final total will be added up at the bottom.

Also, I tried out writing in Write Or Die (the web app) this morning and HOLY WOW!  Guys!  Guys!  I wrote the first 1154 in 37 minutes and the second 1103 in 36 minutes!  The threat of Write Or Die eating my words, or playing Banana Phone while making my screen all red and angry REALLY motivated me.  I am officially swearing by it.  From now on.  Swears made by Write Or Die (WoD) are holy.  Almost as holy as swearing on fish finger and custard or crossing my hearts and hoping to regenerate.

Good luck!

Stay Tuned.

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