Tuesday, January 29, 2013


(Yes, this is the post I was hinting at in that tweet!)

College is a transitional period. The whole four years is a transition from youth to adulthood. But within college there are several periods and several transitions. You start off a freshman who doesn’t know anything about anything. Then you transition to the middle of college, which gets progressively harder until you transition into being a senior. While being a senior is a defined period of college, and there is a transition into adulthood at the end of being a senior, but the entirety of being a senior is a transition. You’re getting ready to become an adult, go to grad school or work or a combination thereof.

I’m a senior by credits now. I’ll be graduating in December 2013. (In fact, if you follow my twitter or instagram every few days I hashtag a new thing I’m looking forward to or afraid of, mostly the latter). Since I’m graduating and will be moving on into the beginning of the real world, I’ve been thinking a lot about transitions lately. I’ve been thinking about first apartments, first jobs, dogs, new cities, grad school, and life goals.

I want to teach history at the college level. If I don’t do that, I want to work for the National Parks Service doing history, the National Endowment for the Humanities, an alternative educational content company, or maybe just open a diner. I know I want to work in education if I can. Education is one of my passions.

I’ve been thinking about doing Teach For America after college but before grad school.
I’ve been thinking about the National Endowment for the Humanities.
I’ve been thinking about Michigan, Chicago, and California.
I’ve been thinking about buying a car.
I’ve been thinking about how to decorate my first place.

The world is constantly changing, and we are always changing with it. We’re changing to fit our place in the world, to find it, to form it.
Growing up is scary. But I’m doing it anyway. It’s unavoidable and inevitable. It’s our future. As much as we may try to stay young and watch our Disney movies, play computer games, and go out, we’re growing up no matter what. We can still watch Disney movies and play computer games and go out, but we’re not children anymore. We’re not going to be in college again, living in dorms and baking in tiny dorm kitchens (though some first apartments may be just as small), sitting at our dorm desks and writing. Maybe that’s just me. But either way, life is marching forward, carrying me toward jobs more serious than tutoring, homes I have to pay rent for each month, not a general tuition bill, and moving, yet again, to a city where I don’t know anyone.

Hopefully that won’t last long, and I’ll meet new people when I get to wherever I go for grad school. Hopefully I’ll find a group of people to connect with and feel at home with. Hopefully, I’ll feel at home wherever I go. Hopefully I’ll find a new home after college, a home that is as good to me as Washington has been, maybe even better.

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