Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Since I’ve decided to temporarily trunk Serendipity and focus instead on Sister Psychic.  I just reread all 32,968 words that I wrote in June for it.  It was a LOT to read and some of it is TERRIBLE.  Most of it is good in the first draft way, but some of it is so bad.  I also need to change up some things.  But even starting it was changing a lot from my original plan.  The original Delia was a punk/goth whose parents had divorced when she was a baby and her dad had moved back to Missouri and she was forced to move there after she got into a lot of trouble at school and her mom moved to Canada to work on an archaeological dig.  It was a hot bowl of crazy.  Then I changed the original Delia and her surroundings.  She now doesn’t know her father, lives with her mother, stepfather, and stepsiblings, and is not punk. She’s a baker who listens to a lot of different music and likes to sunbathe on her front lawn.  Hank, the love interest, is one of the only things that didn’t change too much. 

I have a lot of work left to do to fix it, and I’m not even halfway finished.  But right now I can’t focus on it since I’m in college and don’t have the time to write as much as I want to.  Mostly I get up, braid my hair, pin it up, read lots of school books, write lots of papers, tutor people, create events, publicize events, worry about my future, write my resume, and do more homework and PSP/SHS work.  Also, occasionally I cry a little bit.  That happens.  Life is scary, have I mentioned that lately?


I still want to finish this book, I’m going to finish it. Then I’m going to edit it and make it superunicornglitter (also known as awesome).  I’m going to make it worth reading.  But for now I’m working on school and resume building and everything else that creates college life.  As previously mentioned, rewriting is also really difficult, but I’m working on it. 

Let’s do this thing.


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