Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cancer: A Serious Post

Today's post will be a lot more serious than my usual posts.  I hope you've all heard of Relay For Life, even if you haven't participated.  If you haven't, Relay is an all night event that supports the American Cancer Society and cancer research.  
This year I'm participating in Relay at my school in honor of four people: my grandmother who died two years before I was born of stomach cancer, my grandfather who died when I was fourteen of lung cancer, my godmother who survived breast cancer, and my father who survived testicular cancer.  Unfortunately, they're not the only people I know who've had cancer.  Cancer has gone on a rampage and killed at least half a dozen of my family members.  My neighbor and family friend is currently struggling with breast cancer. Another neighbor's daughter-in-law died from cancer leaving behind three children.  One of my high school classmates survived a rare stomach cancer when I was a freshman.  
Fuck cancer.
I encourage everyone who reads this to participate in Relay for Life in your hometown.  If you can't, I encourage you to donate in any way.  I especially encourage you to donate to my team here:  We have raised $1,750 so far as of this writing, but it's so far from enough to end cancer.  So fuck cancer.  Participate, donate, dedicate a luminaria. 
Sell baked goods, hold a car wash, put out a donations can at your job.  Anything to help fight cancer.  Because fuck cancer.

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