Monday, April 29, 2013

Introducing Weekly Dose Of Weird

           Growing up I always liked weird things.  I liked to find out unusual facts and the stories behind them.  I liked to hear the ghost stories no one had heard yet.  Then with the advent of the internet I found that many more people liked these things as well.  Suddenly there were websites full of weird, funny laws.  Then came books like Weird USA.  And now comes Weekly Dose of Weird.
           Weekly Dose of Weird is the newest feature on Written In Fairydust.  Every Wednesday I’ll be posting something odd, strange, unusual – weird!  It won’t just be a list of weird facts, it’ll be a short article on each topic.  
You get to see a different part of me from this.  I get to put on my nerd hat (which, let’s be honest, I never take it off) and do some research.  Which I guess is really more my academic hat than my nerd hat.  I also get to dust off the reporting hat I haven’t used since tenth grade journalism class.  More of these articles will be historical than modern for a few reasons.  One, I’m not fully comfortable writing my opinions on currently living people in a column titled “Weekly Dose of Weird.”  Two, because I’m a historian and I’m most comfortable researching the past, though I also like researching everything else.  Three, because the greatest weird things are the old weird things, the ones that have stood the test of time and not been proven hoaxes or scientific phenomena.

Often this will probably be something creepy: abandoned hospitals, the Lemp Mansion, female serial killers of the nineteenth century, but sometimes it will also just be a strange animal fact explained, or a weird news story from my local newspaper here in Washington researched a little more.  Don’t worry though, it’ll always be weird.

Stay Tuned.

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