Friday, April 26, 2013

Social Media

I’m becoming something of a social media geek.  I’ve been on Pinterest since it was founded (back when you had to request invitations from other people who’d gotten in - fancy); I’ve been on Twitter since I think 2010 (when I started my first serious blog, which I’ve since shut down); I’ve been on Tumblr since 2011 during my freshman year at college.  I check my Klout score on a regular basis, I interact on the Nanowrimo message boards during November, I spend far too much time on Instagram.

So I decided to make it easier to find me and interact with me on social media sites.  

Twitter’s probably my favorite social media website.  I spend an average of five hours on it per week.  My twitter is mostly about Phi Sigma Pi, Student Historical Society, and the occasional random thought.  I also sometimes interact with authors, so if you’re interested in finding authors on twitter, I have a good list.

Probably my second favorite social media website.  I also spend a lot of time on here, especially in between classes when I have nothing else to do.  I don’t instagram that much in my everyday life, but I always instagram events, and I love following other people’s instagrams.  

I really do spend too much time on Pinterest.  I have boards for everything from future apartment decor to character inspiration to cute elephants.  Most of what I pin is repinned, so there isn’t a lot of original content on here.  But if you want to know what kind of cupcake recipes I want to try, this is the place to find them.
Find me here.

I’ve been on Polyvore since 2009 or so.  Polyvore isn’t as active of a social media site as many other sites are, but it’s still a lot of fun.  I use it to get inside my characters’ heads by designing their average day outfits.  I also create wish lists for each season, curate collections of outfits I’ve worn in the past, and occasionally use it to create an outfit inspired by a fictional character.  This is one I’m not on too often, but I do enjoy it, so here goes.
Find me here.

Nanowrimo Forums
These aren’t very active when it’s not Nano or Camp Nano, but when I’m participating I’m all over these forums.  Whether it’s trying to name new characters, creating motivation for each other, or looking at cool new inspirational covers, I spend a lot of time on these forums while I’m Nano-ing.  
Be my Wrimo friend @JeanniGrace.

So, if I’m not studying for business, or public relations, or media, why am I so into social media?  Well for the same reason that I like to blog: I can connect with people. Business people and PR people and communications people use social media for their jobs and businesses, but I use social media to connect.  I can be very introverted, but when I get comfortable I can also be extremely extroverted.  In real life I have to push down this glut of fear in my stomach that everyone’s going to think I’m weird and be mean to me before I can get out there and talk to people.  But being on the Eboard for the Student Historical Society and having to talk to this massed group of history students really helped with this, because it made me realize that whether I wanted to or not I was getting up in front of them, and whether they thought I was weird or not, I was the one with the information they wanted to know.  

On the internet, with social media, I’m not quite as fearful of judgment, though I am still fearful of judgment.  I think we’re all less fearful of it online, because we’re away behind screens.  Obviously, this can be a bad thing when it leads to people feeling like they’re allowed to say anything and end up cyberbullying people.  On the other hand, I think it can be great because people can connect on a more authentic level when the barrier of judgment is removed. If I can share my weird thoughts with the world through twitter, someone else can share their weird thought with me in response to one of my weird thoughts, and then we can discuss weird thoughts and how weird they are.  
So connect with me.  Tweet at me, follow my instagram, make inspiration boards on Pinterest and share your favorite pieces of clothing and outfit inspiration on Polyvore.  And then send those links to me so we can connect about them.  

Stay Tuned.

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