Friday, May 17, 2013


So, the school year is finally over.  I'm back in the midwest.  I've had about a week to recover from the hell that is finals week.  I've started driving school, and am okay at it.  Hopefully, posting will increase.  As will, hopefully, creative writing.  I hope.  
For now, I'm mostly spending my time running, drafting new Weekly Dose of Weird posts, (seriously, there is some weird shit in the world), watching Netflix (go watch Bachelorette, take note of Regan, and you'll see my future flash before your eyes), and doing a few DIY projects.  Still running my life from to-do lists, which are still really long.  Still tightly wound.  Still Jeanni.  
This summer I'm looking forward to pancake breakfasts with my family, turning 21, getting a driver's license, taking my dog hiking at Mastodon Park, studying for the GRE (yes, I'm serious), getting a NEW PHONE (I went 36 hours without service because my phone is a pansy city piece of shit that can't stand up to the midwestern woods where I live), doing the 30 Day Shred in June, and getting away from the hot mess of crazy that is DC.
My dog is still adorable, my Grandma's still the proud queen of Cardinal Nation (so I'm constantly watching the games), my parents are still themselves, and my woods are still beautiful, albeit full of ticks right now.  
I'm also trying to learn basic French this summer, teach myself how to code with Java, gain an understanding of game theory, and adjusting to life newly single.  Well, about a month single.  But I don't want to talk about that on here.  

I'll probably be on twitter and instagram a lot more than I'm on here, although not tumblr because I'm still wildly behind on Doctor Who.  So if you want to say hi, those are better places.

Here's to Summer 2013, make it a good one.

Stay Tuned.

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