Monday, May 27, 2013

The Skimm

I’ll admit, I’ve always enjoyed it when I feel like the smartest girl in the room.  I’ve always tried to be that, to be the most educated, the one who knew the most.  Of course, I then went to AU and joined an honors fraternity so I don’t feel that way too often anymore.  

I’ve also always been terrible at being informed of current events.  I usually got my info from Vlogbrothers videos on Youtube, from various tumblr blogs, or from Associated Press tweets.  Until very recently.  

I came across The Skimm from an article on the Sweet Lemon Magazine website.  Every morning I get an email with the top news stories with the most important information laid out at the end.  The Skimm comes early in the morning so I integrated it into my morning routine very easily.  

Getting up in the morning, brushing my teeth, and reading the Skimm while I fully wake up has quickly become part of my normal routine.  I’ll pull it up on my cell phone or my ipod and read while I’m brushing my hair or getting dressed or stretching after my runs.  

The Skimm makes me feel like one of the smartest girls in the room because I'm informed and I know what's happening out in the world beyond my campus.

I cannot recommend the Skimm enough to all of my readers.  They’re a great source, especially for girls like me who aren’t terribly good at being informed.  Subscribe!

(The Skimm is not in any way affiliated with this post.  They didn’t sponsor it, they won’t know about it until I tweet at them.  Ditto Sweet Lemon Magazine.  Everything I wrote is my own opinion).

Stay Tuned.

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