Monday, June 10, 2013


Recent events in my life have made me rediscover my monogram.  I’ve loved monograms for a long time, but lately I’ve been monogramming a lot of things.  Including my water bottle...

My clipboard...

My phone...

And my iPod, and iPad backgrounds.  Plus my desktop wallpaper is my monogram surrounded by two photos from this year, and a quote from C.S. Lewis.  (It’ll come up again in August...)  

You can choose how your monogram represents you.  The font, the way that the letters intertwine or don’t, the size of the letters.  There are so many ways to customize the three letters decided by your parents.  Your name may have been chosen by your parents, but like your nickname the way that your monogram represents you is entirely your own decision. The letters can be uppercase or lowercase or a mix thereof.  The font can be solid print, or loopy cursive.  The size of the central last initial can emphasize a family connection.  

I love my monogram.  It just looks so fancy and sophisticated on my water bottle.  My clipboard with my monogram makes me feel very grown up.  It also is helping me feel connected to family members that came before me, and distant ones.  My third cousins with the same last name?  Same middle letter in the monograms.  Even if we’ve never met, same letter, and it means the same thing.  It’s like hanging walking around with your family crest, but stylized to match your own personality.  

Names are a basic part of our identities. But the thing about names is that they’re given to us before our parents know our personalities.  They mean well, but we have to stylize them to fit us.  We do this through nicknames, nameplates in our own style, changes of spelling, and through the style of our monograms.  

Own your name.  Own your monogram.  Take a lesson from Reese Witherspoon: If it’s not moving, monogram it!

Stay Tuned.

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